Abstract Sumbission for GRELL Lisboa 2019 is onpe

This Week oppened the Abstract Submissions for GRELL Lisboa 2019

The application process for presentations (Oral and Poster) to GRELL Lisboa 2019 is open.


From this week until the March 22nd, any doctor, statistician, nurse or pharmacist can submit an Abstract(s) for a presentation(s) that he/she wants to present, included in one of the themes of the panels of the next annual meeting of GRELL, which will be held this year in Lisbon from 29 to 31 May.


The themes of this edition of GRELL (in which the presentations should fit) are as follows: Data Policy; Quality; Results; Screening; Risk and Prognosis Factors; Cancer in Extreme Ages; Hemato Oncology; Collaborative Studies; New Data, New Uses, New Methods. In all these topics, communications submissions by all technicians in the field of oncology and the registration and epidemiology of cancer in Latin-speaking countries are open.


With this submission of abstracts for presentations (oral or Poster) all works accepted by the scientific committee of this meeting, as long as they meet the respective requirements, will automatically be candidates for the grants and the prizes that exist for the participants in this international meeting. There are several prizes and several scholarships to be awarded to participants in this edition of GRELL Lisboa 2019, so those interested should inform themselves of the respective conditions of admission that are online on the GRELL website (click here).


Submission of abstracts is done online and with certain rules tha you can consult and submit it here (click here).