The GRELL Annual Meeting will be held between 29th, 30th and 31st of May and as this is one of the busiest months in the city of Lisbon, with the high Occupancy rates of hotels, three partner hotels have been selected to offer preferential prices to our national and international guests

The year 2019 has already started and will be marked by the organization of the first annual meeting of the RON, which will coincide, this year, with the organization of the GRELL annual meeting in Lisbon. As usual, the organization selected some partner hotels and some parallel programs for everyone who comes to the meeting to experience a little more of our country.

But because May is one of the most crowded months of the Portuguese capital, almost selling out the hotel capacity of the city, the organization managed to negotiate special prices for national and international guests who come to Lisbon on these dates for our meetings. These hotels have a limited capacity of rooms, but in fact have prices quite inferior to those practiced in the market for these dates.

So it begins the GRELL application process, with good news and news about the big event of the year: the first annual RON meeting and the annual GRELL meeting - Ascension Meeting.


You can see all the hotels and complementary programs, here in this link.