This week will be the first meeting of the European Network of Cancer Registries this year, and RON will be present as the designated representative of the Group of Registries and Epidemiology of Latin-Speaking Countries

At the beginning of 2019, the ENCR (European Network of Cancer Registries) steering committee meets in the city of Ispra (in northern Italy, right on the shore of beautiful Lake Maggiore).


This European institution brings together representatives of several countries, as well as representatives from various European institutions, all in the field of Cancer Registry. After the election in 2016 of Dr. Ana Miranda, coordinator of ROR-Sul, for a four-year term (2017-2020) as representative of GRELL (Registers and Epidemiology Group of Latin-speaking countries) in the Steering committee of this European institution, the representation of Portugal in this European institution dedicated to the cancer registry was thus assured at the highest level.


In this 2019, when the annual meeting of GRELL will be held in Lisbon, this first presence of the current RON coordinator, in a European forum of this importance, gains even more importance. Thus, this weekend, the coordinator of the RON will be present at the beginning of the year meeting of the steering committee of ENCR, further enhancing its role as representative of GRELL with the coordination of the annual meeting of this group of cancer registries of Latin countries - the Lisbon Ascension Meeting'19.


2019 begins already with challenges announced ... and even enhanced with these so important attendences in directive bodies of European institutions.