This year the national highlight was the fight against Lung Cancer

Every year, on February 4th, the World Cancer Day is celebrated. On this day, professionals, experts and associations, multiply themselves in actions, and alerts that galvanize the attention of the media for this disease.


This year, thanks to an interview by the National Coordinator for Oncological Diseases, Dr. Nuno Miranda, the highlight was given to one of the most deadly cancers of all - Lung Cancer. Reports, interviews and many numbers were released this day, alerting all public opinion to the seriousness of the situation and to the still very high prevalence of this disease on the Portuguese population.


On this day, in addition to all media attention, numerous activities are also organized, from north to south of Portugal to alert to the risks and to galvanize all for screenings, or to promote healthy living habits. From the launch of a new breast cancer screening mobile unit for the central region of Portugal to a night walk in Terceira Island, many activities were promoted on this day, in order to win more adherents of good and healthy habits and thus help in this disease's prevention.